The elements of the earth,

The Master Glass Blowers of Rogue Art Glass have been crafting the most complete line of hand blown glass cremation Urns and Keepsakes in the United States for grieving families around the world, since 2008.  Our memorial lineup is known under the American MemoryCraft name, which is representative of exceptional American handcrafted workmanship.  We produce the most accessible and affordable line of Venetian style glass that is consistently recognized for the highest levels of quality and consistency. 

Each memorial glass keepsake from our studio, will be made by combining human hands and human breath to make your unique memorial perfectly suited for this purpose.   This ancient art and age old natural synergy assures that each special memorial will be the only one like it.  Appropriately, the unique spirit housed within, is represented as the individual that it is, not as one of thousands of others made on an assembly line.

The Master Glass Blowers, grips and apprentices working for American MemoryCraft (formerly known as Rogue Art Glass), are here to serve you and your family, have been working together for many years producing not only the finest Blown Glass Memorial Urns but every level of Blown Glass imaginable.  The artist who contribute to American MemoryCraft's offering are exceptional master glass blowers and only contribute Urns and Keepsakes to our collection.  They combine their talents and experience to produce the finest quality hand blown glass you will find anywhere. 

Why should you contact us?

By dealing Artist direct, you have the ability to explore personal color or design elements that would be impossible when working with any factory made memorial.  Blown glass offers a broad flexibility to create a visual memory of your loved one that also is a dramatic piece of art you will be proud to display in your home.   

Why should you order from us?

Our mission is to provide the highest quality blown glass memorial art at prices that make them attainable for all.  We strive to meet everyones desire for an artisitic remembrance of lost loved ones and will work with you to achieve your design and budget goals. 

Why should you choose Hand Blown Glass for your families Memorial Keepsake?

Hand Blown Glass is truly an appropriate and natural material for this use.  Symbolically, Hand Blown Glass represents the elemental nature of our physical body and the use of human breath shaping the memorial connects the forming of our earthly spirit...  additionally, throughout recorded history, Hand Blown Glass has been used for thousands of years for storing cremains.  Combining other elements of the earth to draw the character and color from the glass just as our earthly experience, education, family form the color of each of us as individuals.

Finally, just as each of us are unique and without compare, each Hand Blown Glass Urn or Memorial is one of a kind and never to be reproduced. 

Producing the highest quality Hand Blown Glass Urns and Memorial Glass Keepsakes since 2008
American MemoryCraft from Rogue Art Glass
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